Geliştirme ve ekoloji

Project of active wind protection in Vipava valley

Investor: Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia
Phase: IDZ, IDP
Year: 2011

It is a fact that strong wind (reaching speeds up to 200 km/h), which several times a year blowing towards the Vipava valley from the direction of Nanos, causing long-term closure of highway between Razdrto and Vipava and represent high costs due to road closure.
The project about active wind protection has been made to protect the highway Ajdovščina - Razdrto from strong wind (bora) as a parallel development project with a mission to explore the possibility of a power plant in the function of windbreaks, in addition to basic functions. This mean protection from the wind while producing electricity using solar and wind. Versatility of the facility constitutes a lower cost of implementation compared to implementation of separate facilities for each function separately, as well as more investors have opportunity to participate in one facility, which can be the base for the investor DARS d.d. means a reduction in the costs of implementing the facility for wind protection.

The project has been proven that the design of multifunctional energy facility performs the function of windbreaks (wind speed on the road side is reduced by up to 50%) and that the implementation of such a facility economically viable.