Trafik araştırmaları


Investor: Municipality of Kranj
Location: Kranj
Phase: Traffic study
Year: 2014

In 2013 the Municipality of Kranj has addressed the issue of solving the problems of the existing bus station. The existing bus station Kranj is located in a very unsuitable location and is inappropriately arranged.

After many years, the Municipality of Kranj found a new location to move the central bus station, to the area called “Stara toplarna” in the North-West part of the city, not far from the existing bus station. The new location is located near the regional road R1-410/1135 Kokrica-Kranj (Kirdičeva cesta) close to the primary school France Prešeren, Kranj’s health centre and Kranj’s school centre.


We prepared the following professional proposal for the “Bus terminal” detailed spatial plan in Kranj:

 - the capacity analysis of the wider area

 - traffic safety analysis

 - conceptual design of the road network

 - design of a modern bus terminal


Based on the results of the capacity and traffic safety analysis, it has been shown that the spatial intervention is feasible and that this kind of project could solve the longstanding problem in the Municipality of Kranj. At the same time it would solve the problem of traffic safety in the area of Kidričeve and acquired a modern facility of a public nature.