Trafik araştırmaları


Investor: KID d.o.o.
Location: Kranj (Čirče)
Phase: Elaborate
Year: 2011

In the preparatory phase of detailed municipal spatial plan "OPPN Območja Či2 – centralne dejavnosti v Čirčah", with the investor being KID d.o.o., it was necessary to prepare the groundwork for verifying the connection of a new area on the road network of the Municipality of Kranj. The area of central activities in Čirče is located directly on the Southeastern entrance to the city of Kranj, East of the Eastern bypass intersection (R1-210/1108 Primskovo - Labore) and Smledniška cesta. The whole area covers 4.80 ha of existing building sites that are separated in three sets.


The object of the task was to produce a traffic study and examine the impact of changing the purpose usage of the space on the existing road network.


A capacity analysis of six intersections was made based on the validation of the existing macroscopic model of the road network Kranj, as well as traffic generation announcement, due to the new use of the land and the traffic growth forecast.


Capacity analysis was done for the starting year 2017 and for the year at the end of the 2037 planning period.



Based on the traffic study’s results it was shown, from the traffic permeability and road safety point of view, that the only acceptable option for changing the spatial usage governed by Detailed municipal spatial plan is the option 2, which provides the following measures for the national and municipal roads:

- On the section Smledniška cesta a new independent line for the vehicles turning right towards Primskovo (50 m) is needed

- A 15 m extension of the line for vehicles turning left on Smledniška cesta

- Extension of the Eastern ring road from the direction of Labour in the direction of Primskovo in a 2-lane road all the way to the intersection K1