Trafik sayımı

Field measurements of traffic in Novo mesto

Investor: Municipality of Novo mesto
Location: Novo mesto
Phase: Elaborate
Year: 2015

Municipality of Novo mesto has commissioned extensive field measurements of traffic in the city of Novo mesto. 15-hour counting of the turning vehicle, according to the structure of the traffic on the road network of the city of Novo mesto, was carried out in the selected intersections.


In the city of Novo mesto 5 intersections were defined at which it was necessary to perform traffic counts according to the structure of turning vehicles. At all junctions a 15-hour (6:00-21:00) traffic count was performed accordingly to the traffic structure. Structure of the traffic consisted of four main categories: cars, buses, trucks and tractors. In the key intersections participants of non-motorized traffic were also counted: cyclists and pedestrians.


Advantages of counting with video detection:

  • verifiability and reliability of data
  • monitoring facts on the ground
  • ability to re-inspect the situation on the ground
  • analysis of traffic safety
  • detailed analysis of traffic (determining the time intervals, determining the actual queue length...)
  • counting speed depends on the traffic load
  • the equipment on the ground does not reduce road safety