Gürültü ölçümlerinin araştırması

Detailed municipal spatial plan for "The bus terminal in Kranj"

Investor: Municipality of Kranj
Location: Kranj
Phase: Elaborate
Year: 2014

The subject of study is determining noise load levels with the intention of changing the purpose of wider Kranj’s health centre area. The study serves as a technical basis for the adoption of detailed municipal spatial plan for the health centre in Kranj, a new bus terminal and associated road network.

The purpose of the study is to show how the new usage of space will affect the conditions in the residential facilities due to noise load levels and what mitigating effects should be implemented.


The analysis of noise loads in the area, which will be governed by Detailed municipal spatial plan for Kranj’s health centre, and proposed solutions for the area of the bus terminal, are comprised of the noise level estimate in the current state, a variety of scenarios for the state in the 2018 and for the 2038, state with two different situations and a proposal for anti-noise protection.


Since the area of the detailed municipal spatial plan for Kranj’s health centre is built as an urban type, it is impossible to protect all of the facilities actively. However, it is possible to actively protect the facilities for which the situation has worsened due to the new location of the bus terminal and new road links. The proposed anti-noise measures are as follows:

  • Sound-proof fence at the bus terminal PHO-1 with a total length of 178.0 m and height of 4.0 m,
  • Sound-proof fence at the new connection PHO-2 with a total length of 55.0 m and height of 2.5 m,
  • For the reconstruction of roads and parking areas low noise asphalt should be used (e.g. SMA8),
  • Road surfaces should never be paved.