Gürültüye karşi koruma

Noise protection plan and Vrtojba solar power plant

Investor: Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia
Phase: PGD, PZR, PZI, PID, NOV, in-situ acoustic measurements
Year: 2012

The noise barrier was built on a section of highway between the international border crossing Vrtojba and toll station Bazara in the direction of Vipava. As the first and only company in Slovenia we designed a solar power plant in the context of noise barriers. Photovoltaic panels are fixed to the load-bearing pillars of the noise barrier via the supporting substructure. The installed capacity of the solar power is 168 kW.



For the sound proof elements concrete panels with a coating of expanded clay and aluminium panels were used. The foundation for the noise barrier is a patented system of concrete foundation grade with HEA embossed steel profiles. At the underpass across the state road, the supporting pillars are crafted into an edge moulding.


In addition to the plans of building structures, electrical wiring and equipment, a part of the project presented designing studies of roadblocks as well as carrying out in-situ acoustic measurements of noise absorbing panels.