Gürültüye karşi koruma

Pluska – Ponikve - Hrastje noise protection plan

Investor: Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia
Phase: PGD, PZR, PZI, PID, NOV, in-situ acoustic measurements
Year: 2010

Noise protection barriers were built as part of the new A2 Karavanke - Obrežje highway, on sections Pluska-Ponikve and Ponikve-Hrastje. They are largely built on the road shoulders, and partly on the viaduct and embankments.


Panels of aluminium and polyacrylic are embedded as the acoustic elements, gabions are used as a design insert. The foundation work is mostly made according to a patented system of foundation patch and embossed steel HEA profiles.




After completed work, in-situ acoustic measurements of the noise absorbing panels were performed.